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The information gathered will plot a point on a Google Map, visually showing the interest in the Google Fiber access in our community. (Map is best viewed using Google Chrome or by using other browsers.)

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To call and sign up for service, please contact us at: 303.309.4005, Option 1.

  • Daily HotSpot: $2.50 / $4.00 / $6.95
  • Weekly HotSpot: $12.95
  • Monthly Service: $19.95 / $29.95 / $39.95
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  • *BUNDLED SERVICES COMING: Data, Phone and TV coming to you soon!*





  To increase your signal strength and overall Internet Experience using your laptop or desktop, you will need an amplifier. These are available to purchase for $79.95 (tax included) or may be rented for $5.00 per month plus a $30 deposit. If renting, we do not accept prepaid credit or debit cards. Come by our office during normal business hours to pick one up! Ampllifier  









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